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The Clerics need our help! (Dice Bottles is relaunching)

The Clerics need our help!

It is with great sadness that I bring to your attention a realm mirroring our own that is in dire need of the heroic efforts of pauper and duke alike. In this strange realm my magical skills and talents were unusable, and a plague like none I had seen before was ravaging their kingdoms. They have a magic of their own, but the plague was laying claim to more victims and surpassing the constitutions of the realm’s considerable army of clerics. They wore a curious armour into battle with the fiend, and it was with horror that I learned why. The plague was invisible to all, and no spell would uncover it. They were forced to fight this invisible villain knowing that if it landed the smallest of blows against them they themselves would be subject to it’s devious curses. Their armor smiths were overtaxed as any armour that was even touched by the enemy became it’s weapon, and would require all armour to be destroyed if any of it were thought to have been cursed. I watched as their wise and fragile were taken, and I am moved to compassion and action on their behalf.

I am coming to you with an opportunity to help. I have found that we can direct our charges of energy into the aether and with that I am able to convert that to their coinage. They have guilds that will be able to use those funds to provide for their clerics and others suffering from the effects of this plague. In return for your magics and energy I will be providing one of my excellent potions. I only need help covering my delivery costs, as my mule gets quite hungry while I go about delivering the potions.

For those from the Earth Realm

Dice Bottles Relaunch donation drive - 100% of profits donated to charity
Dice Bottles Relaunch Donation Drive

As part of my relaunch I have an Indigogo campaign where I will be donating all profits between these charities:

I will be relaunching my store soon for the other products, but I wanted to get the donation drive going as soon as possible.

You can help by spreading the link ( ) to the campaign around, following us and sharing on social media (Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram), or donating directly to the charities above! Every bit helps!