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About Us

Dice Bottles

Dice Bottles is a small company focused on tabletop gaming rpg’s. We just launched and funded our first Kickstarter to bring the world Healing Potion Kits for D&D‘s Fifth Edition (5e) ruleset.

About the Owner

I’ve always been a geek and enjoyed tabletop gaming, and growing up I had heard about D&D but never was around anybody that was playing. It wasn’t until the Geek & Sundry twitch channel launched that I actually got to see it played. My curiosity drove me to watch Critical Role the first day it was broadcast. As I watched the show over the first few months I eventually put in the effort to find a place to play it myself. I’ve since played several adventure league groups along with many other groups with friends and co-workers. I really enjoy the opportunities I get to live in another world with friends, doing outlandish and witty things. My passion just keeps growing for this game and I found a way to contribute to the community.

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