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Snakes on … BOXES!

I’m currently in the process of mass producing the Basic Healer kit boxes. I can easily align and run 5 at a time and that has helped me get through 120 of the tops today alone.

Laser working on Basic Kit boxes five at a time
Laser working on Basic Kit boxes five at a time

This allows me to work on other things while I monitor the laser. I’m pretty much spending the weekend running the laser as much as possible so I can complete the 300 or so Basic Healing kit boxes I need to make.  This is basically my view for the next couple of days.

View of workshop, and lots of boxes
View of workshop, and lots of boxes

Inside Artwork Revealed

Inside artwork of Basic Healers Kit
Inside artwork of Basic Healers Kit

Here’s something I’m very excited to show you. I was so pleased when the artist got back to me with this design! It feels so perfect and makes it easy to read all the formulas for the boxes. After I get done with all the tops and bottoms of the boxes I’ll move on to mass producing the undersides.

Staining of Pro Kits Underway

Pro Healers Kits on drying racks
Pro Healers Kits on drying racks

Not much to say here except that staining is underway on the Pro Kits. I have drying racks that hold 40 each and also have found a local contractor that is helping out to speed up the process.

New Design on the Two Other Major Colors

Red Mahogany finish for Pro Healer's Kit with gold silk screening
Red Mahogany finish for Pro Healer’s Kit with gold silk screening
Sedona Red finish for Pro Healer's Kit with black silk screening
Sedona Red finish for Pro Healer’s Kit with black silk screening

With this comes a switch in process for the large pro boxes. The laser cutting method had some problems that were becoming more evident as I started moving towards producing more prototypes with it.

First, I couldn’t find a good way to secure the laser foil permanently to the boxes and I refuse to give a product that could so easily be damaged. That alone was forcing my hand to find some other way of putting the artwork on the boxes.

Second, I’m starting to worry about how much I’m weakening the boxes with all the art engraving through a good portion of the lid. The wood for the lid is thin and removing wood from such a large area weakens it, which would make it far easier for someone to break it. I’d rather not risk it.

Third, Meeting delivery dates becomes riskier with the lasering method. From many aspects I’m limited to a single large machine and the hobby laser I’ve been using for prototyping. This really puts at risk the whole timeline as I have a lot of other time consuming activities for the laser already. The leather art alone is taking over 7 minutes per box. It’s just not feasible with the amount of orders and the timelines. When I first started the project my timelines were for an expectation of just funding, not the massive success this turned into. I thought I’d be able to throw more lasers at the problem… but then there’s the reality that my garage is only so big, power lines to my garage can only handle so many amps and I’ve already hit that with a contractor putting in lines specifically for this heavy machinery. I’ve been making up time everywhere I can by contracting out work to local businesses where I can, but that’s not something I could outsource.

Bottom line, I want to get high quality products to you all as soon as humanly possible, and the best way to do that is to use silk screening. I’m personally very happy with these prototypes I just got back (pictured above) and am happy to show you them! This greatly reduces production time for one part of the process, although it costs me more to do it this way, and I think it produces a better result than the laser etching followed by a staining spray. The lines are far more crisp and precise!


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