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Huge progress made!

Art update

Chris was making great progress then we realized we might have gone off of the art direction the product needed. After surveying a few backers we confirmed it and we reset back to an earlier draft he had. This is our current direction:

Professional Healers Kit - New Art Draft
Professional Healers Kit – New Art Draft

And here’s how he’s refined some of the scroll work:

Scroll Work
Scroll Work

Workshop update:

In order to be able to efficiently deliver these to you all I needed to turn half of my garage into a workspace. That included getting some electrical work, venting, storage, and work tables. That’s coming along swiftly. The general contractor is almost finished with the electrical work and will be installing the venting today.

Workshop Progress
Workshop Progress

 Purchases update:

  • Boxes – They have arrived!

    So many boxes x_x
    So many boxes x_x
  • Leather – it’s been purchased and is arriving Friday
  • Corks

    5000 corks!
    5000 corks!
  • Vials – Purchased and shipped
  • Dice Status –  Since I was unable to purchase the volume I needed from Chessex (my prototype dice supplier) I had to go find another manufacturer. In order to make sure I get the color’s matching the prototype dice as closely as possible I have to wait for them to do a color sample run and mail that to me. With their lead times and current schedule that means it will be 45-60 days before I have the dice. This is all expected, and is why I have given myself as much time as possible so that I can get the dice correct.
  • Keyrings – Arriving Saturday

Geek and Sundry Partnership

It has been a joy to be featured and to work with Geek and Sundry this last two weeks. They have really helped to get the word out there about Dice Bottles and I’m excited to keep working with them in the future for other kits that I make.

In case you missed it, here are their shoutouts:

Current Surveys

Most have finished their surveys, and there’s still time before the deadline of next week.

Current survey counts
Current survey counts

Also, it seems there’s a very clear favorite when it comes to finishes. I personally thought it would be a closer split, but the people have spoken and here are the current numbers from kickstarter backers:

Pro Kit survey choices
Pro Kit survey choices

Next steps:

  • Finalize art
  • Stain and clear coat boxes
  • Laser engrave boxes
  • More, always more 🙂
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