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Backerkit surveys are coming and community suede pick revealed!

We’re sending out the surveys soon!

for details visit update #18 on Kickstarter

Community suede color pick

After a full week of voting, the clear winner for the $40,000 stretch goal extra suede color is forest green!

I’m excited to make it available! Thanks again for all the wonderful support and reaching that stretch goal. Make sure to fill out the surveys quickly so I can know how much I need to buy of each leather color.

Orders have been placed!

I got the funds early this week and I’ve been busy placing orders for the boxes and vials. The dice order is almost placed, just ironing out some last refinements and then I’ll be moving forward with that. The artist, Chris Berry, has been making huge strides on the art for top of the box and I expect to have a draft soon to show you all.

I also have a contractor that is going to be fixing up my garage this thursday so I can properly ventilate the smoke out of my garage and run the laser overtime making the boxes for you.

My next production process will be staining and sealing all the boxes once they get here, which once again depends on the survey results so I know what everybody is wanting, so make sure to response as quickly as possible!

Thanks for the support!

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